17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (2024)

If you've been on the lookout for a new crochet project or simply inspiration, these lovely free crochet heart patterns should serve the purpose. Bookmark your favorites for the Holiday Season, next year's Valentine's Day, your special one's birthday, or simply just to make someone's ordinary day a hearty good one.

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (1)

Crochet Heart Patterns Tutorial

I've put together a list of some incredible crochet heart patterns that will cheer up anyone and help you in winning a lovely heart for yourself. The list has a range of amazing heart patterns, from flat beauties to stuffed cuties. Take your pick or take them all, the receiver is definitely bound to fall (in love, of course).

Supplies Needed for Crochet Hearts

  1. Yarn: Choose the color and type of yarn you'd like to use. Cotton yarn has good stitch definition and most are washable. A worsted weight yarn is a good option for beginners.
  2. Crochet Hook: A hook size appropriate for your yarn (check the yarn label for recommendations; for worsted weight, a 5 mm hook is common).
  3. Scissors: For cutting the yarn when you finish.
  4. Tapestry Needle or Yarn Needle: For weaving in the loose ends of your yarn.
  5. Stitch Markers: Optional, but a stitch marker can be useful for marking the beginning of rounds or specific stitches.

Basic Crochet Heart Pattern Abbreviations

Most of these free crochet patterns for hearts just use basic crochet stitches. Here are the most common stitches you will use. Don't forget to check your pattern to see whether it uses US or UK crochet terms.

  • ch = chain stitch
  • sc = single crochet stitches
  • dc = double crochet stitches
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • tr = treble crochet

One important skill you will need for crochet hearts is how to do a magic ring. This method of starting replaces a chain look and results in a closed center with a small hole.

What Can You Use Crochet Hearts For

Crochet hearts can be used as gift wrapping accessories, Valentines day decorations and garlands or even made large as a pillow cover. Medium-sized hearts make great home decor coasters and patches for clothing. Add small hearts to a keychain.

How to Crochet Hearts

Read my article on how to crochet hearts to learn the basics of making several different sizes. You will use different height stitches such as half double, double crochet and treble crochet to get the distinctive shape.

Free Crochet Heart Patterns to Make

1. Easy Crochet Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (2)

This crochet pattern for a heart is fun to create. It is an easy free crochet pattern for beginners using basic crochet stitches. String them up into a gorgeous heart garland or maybe even applique them onto your sweaters and bags. 3 sizes, tiny heart, small heart and medium heart. Crochet Heart Patterns from Treasurie


2. Granny Square Heart

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (3)

The granny square heart pattern is a cool mix of old and new. It takes the classic granny square and adds a heart shape right in the middle. You can use all kinds of colors to make it pop. These squares are perfect for making blankets, pillows, or even a heartfelt gift for someone special. Granny square heart pattern and step-by-step tutorial by Treasurie


3. Flat Large Crochet Heart

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (4)

A flat crochet heart is a simple yet beautiful project that anyone can enjoy making. Using just a few basic stitches, you can create a heart shape that lies flat, perfect for appliqué or as a standalone decoration. These hearts add a homemade touch to cards, gifts, or even clothing. How to crochet a heart by Treasurie.

4. Amigurumi Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (5)

A 3D heart to show your love!? This lovely puffy heart pattern is fun to make, and once you’ve got one pretty heart ready and by your side, you’ll be motivated to whip up a few more. Fill up a basket with a few of these and some of your favorite person’s favorite chocolates. Amigurumi Heart Patterns from Treasurie

5. Crochet Heart Solid Granny

This crochet heart is in the center of a square in a granny style. It is great for crochet pillows where you need a dense fabric so the stuffing does not poke through. Consider making red hearts with different colored borders and sew them all together to make a matching pillow and blanket. Crochet granny square heart pattern by Treasurie.

6. Little Crochet Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (7)

Make some cute little hearts to brighten up your living space. Consider making these vibrant hearts, and string them into a bunting-like décor that you can let loosely hang between the folds of your curtains. Maybe even pin them up on your pinboard or calendar and enjoy the cheery vibe. Crochet Heart Patterns from Loops & Love Crochet

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

7. Heart Crochet Coaster

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (8)

Whether you’re planning a surprise Valentine’s Day special meal for a loved one or cheering up someone, a heart-shaped coaster is fun enough to get a big smile. Maybe whip up some frothy cappuccino with a coffee art heart to go with it. Crochet Heart Patterns from Yarnspirations

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

8. Cute Crochet Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (9)

With the dramatic takeover of social media and the huge range of emojis offered with messaging apps, there are endless options with this pattern. The heart-eye emoji is perfect for portraying your attraction to a thing, news, or a person. Add this to a gift wrap. Free Crochet Pattern from Golden Lucy Crafts

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

9. Hanging Crochet Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (10)

Looking for a great pop of color in your next crochet project? These sunburst hearts are vibrant and not complex to make. The heart pattern is perfectly solid and appropriate for stuffing. With a loop at the top, you can use it as a hanging decoration. Crochet pattern for a heart from Bunny Mummy


10. Crochet Heart Potholder

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (11)

One great way of expressing your love for someone is by cooking something yummy for them, right!? Well, if you want to go a little extra, consider whipping up some heart-themed kitchen accessories. How about using this lovely potholder while you serve some delicious food on your dinner date? Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Crochet For You

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

11. Granny Crochet Heart

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (12)

If you are still seeking motivation, consider some of these gorgeous granny crochet hearts. Such a fun project to crochet and absolutely a treat to look at. After all, we all want a heart that’s worth looking back at (once, twice, at least thrice!?). Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Crochet Objet

YARN WEIGHT: Fingering (4ply)

12. Crocheted Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (13)

If you’ve been wanting to try out a heart with crochet but getting the shape right has you nervous, this pattern will be your savior. You can use this pattern to create a heart designed to be used as a crochet dishcloth. We are just too full of ideas around here. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Natazia

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

13. Quick Crochet Hearts

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (14)

This pattern is so easy and fun that once you get the hang of it, you want to make many more. You can make a bunch of these cute little crochet hearts in different sizes and a range of colors and then use them as a card and gift wrap décor or as buntings or applique material for your tote bags or tee shirts. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Stitching Together

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

14. Colorful Crochet Hearts

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (15)

Most kids have an extra room in their hearts for all things pretty and glittery: hearts, stars, rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, and sparkles. Why not surprise a cutie with a garland of some super adorable 2 tone hearts. Made in some really lovely shades of yarn, and continuous rounds, these hearts are so precious. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Attys


15. Crochet Heart Storage Basket

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (16)

Anyone else out there who loves keeping things organized like me? This lovely pattern makes an amazing heart-shaped crochet scrubby set with a storage basket to keep them in. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Home to Heather

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

16. Crochet Heart Pillow Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (17)

Pillows and cushions make timeless presents. I know if I received this heart cushion, I would keep it forever. Not only will this make a good Valentine’s Day gift, but it will also be perfect for a friend who needs some extra love. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from MJs Off The Hook Designs

YARN WEIGHT: Bulky/Chunky (12ply)

17. Love Heart Crochet Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (18)

How adorable is this heart! Nothing speaks volumes of your love the way a handmade heart does. Try this pattern in some lovely fingering yarn. I know I would have a hard time parting with this heart. Speaking of parting, this would be a perfect present to post for a long-distance friend. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from Ravelry

YARN WEIGHT: Fingering (4ply)

18. Tunisian Crochet Heart Pattern

17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (19)

This is the perfect project for those who are beginners at crochet and also last-minute planners. You can whip up some Tunisian crochet hearts in no time, light up some candles, make a nice homemade meal, and your dinner date will seem super elaborate and well-planned. Free Crochet Heart Patterns from With Alex

YARN WEIGHT: Worsted (10ply)

Crochet Heart Patterns – In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed these crochet heart patterns. Take my word for it - no one says no to a precious handmade crochet heart on top of a box of their favorite chocolates. Whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with a sweet gesture that involves handmade crochet hearts and some loving thoughts. Some hearts you’ll crochet, others you shall win.

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17+ Free Crochet Heart Patterns, To Make Today (2024)
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