Utah Controlled Substance Database Login (2024)

1. Controlled Substance Database - DOPL - Utah.gov

  • Prescriber/Dispenser Access · CSD Act and Rules · UtahID / CSD Account · Forms

  • Utah's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is known as the Controlled Substance Database (CSD). CSD collects data on the dispensing of Schedule II-V drugs.

2. Controlled Substance Database Prescriber-Dispenser Access - DOPL

  • Choose your Utah-ID (this will be your login in the future). Enter the email you will be using for your CSD account, first and last name, and password. DO NOT ...

  • Prescriber/Dispenser Access to the Utah Controlled Substance Database (CSD), a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP).

3. RxGov

4. Utah's Controlled Substance Database susceptible to hacking ...

  • 13 feb 2019 · The Controlled Substance Database allows many doctors, pharmacists and other professionals with access to the database to log in with just a ...

  • The database Utah uses to monitor controlled substances needs better cybersecurity, an audit released Wednesday said.

Utah's Controlled Substance Database susceptible to hacking ...

5. Utah Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

6. CSMD Login

  • Bevat niet: utah | Resultaten tonen met:utah

  • Tennessee CSMD

7. Prescription Drugs - Health Choice Utah

  • Utah state law now requires that providers check the Utah Department of Professional Licensing Controlled Substance Database (CSDB) prior to prescribing ...

  • About the Health Choice Utah Formulary The Health Choice Utah Formulary is your guide to prescription drugs covered by Health Choice Utah. The Formulary is organized by sections. Each section includes therapeutic groups identified by either a drug class or disease state. Products are listed by their generic name. Brand name products are included as […]

8. [PDF] Utah

  • 21 jul 2023 · sftp account folder, login, password. Criteria for Prescriber delegates to ... controlled substance database. Page 12. Ability to search for ...

9. [PDF] Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs State-by-State Overview

  • GA Drugs and Narcotics Agency https://georgia.pmpaware.net/login/. GU. √. GU ... https://dopl.utah.gov/controlled- · substance-database/. Page 3. Last Updated ...

10. Data Collection Login

  • Please Note: If this is regarding a patient look-up request please click here and you will be redirected to Tennessee's Controlled Substance Monitoring website.

11. DEA Diversion Control Division

  • Diversion Control Division, US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration ...

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Utah Controlled Substance Database Login (2024)
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